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Where We Build and What We Build

Where We Build

Habitat for Humanity of Isabella County proudly builds in the Isabella County area.
We give a “hand up” to anyone in need within these limits!

The map on the left are the places we will gladly build and restore. The map on the right are the exact places HFH of Isabella county has built or is in the process of building!

Habitat for Humanity of Isabella County has served 39 families from 1998 to 2020. Housing program applications are available and accepted all year long!

What We Build

What Are Habitat Houses Like?

Simple, decent, and affordable. Habitat houses around the world are built according to these same three guiding principles.

Houses in Isabella County

Houses built in Isabella County have been decent, moderate homes that are designed with the partner in mind. Each home is different based on family size, property, location, and the size of the home. Building code and zoning ordinances may apply, which need to be put into consideration. We have been able to serve more than 35 families by building new homes within Isabella County for more than 25 years.

“This home is more than a house. It is a home with love, built with love and hope and dreams, because of Habitat for Humanity. You’ve given our family hope – no matter how bad things get or have been in the past. God has blessed our family with the caring, supportive, concerned, kind people at Habitat.”

– A Habitat for Humanity Partner Family