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Board of Directors




Melanie Duke

Jenn Brick

Floyd Evans

Larry Sommer

Ryan Longoria

Karla Walker

Jennifer Ebnit

Brian Locke

Karen Ansell


Vice Chair



Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

Members First Credit Union

Isabella Bank

95.3 CFX

Charter Township of Union

City of Mt. Pleasant

Isabella Bank

Mid Michigan Medical Center

Mid Michigan Health Center

GreenStone Farm Credit Services

Affiliation: City of Mt. Pleasant

Affiliation: Isabella Bank

Affiliation: 95.3 CFX

Affiliation: Charter Township of Union

Affiliation: City of Mt. Pleasant

Affiliation: Isabella Bank

Affiliation: MidMichigan Medical Center

Affiliation: Mid Michigan Health Center

Affiliation: GreenStone Farm Credit Services

We are currently seeking board members that have experience in Construction, Human Resources, Law, IT and Faith Relations. If interested in serving on our board, please fill out the board member application and submit to